Marchesi si diventa

The master of chefs go back to where all began.

Gualtiero Marchesi, with the timing of the old boys, who have breath to spare, inaugurated in via Bonvesin de la Riva number 5 his Academy .

A place of education, learning and experimentation where training the chefs and disseminate the principles of healthy eating, where food and art, in all its manifestations, from music to sculpture, painting , architecture, theater ...

will contribute to the definition of the good and the beautiful, involving both adults and children.

For this reason, inside the structure , all work surfaces are adjustable in height depending on the age of the student.

In particular, the Academy offers chefs, who already know the basics and want to hone their skills, get involved beyond the simple ability, the possibility to embark on a journey where beside the way of cooking you can see also the sense of kitchen.

The Academy will play a role complementary to ALMA , the International School of Italian cuisine where Gualtiero Marchesi is Rector from birth in 2004 : you can switch from your total mastery of the techniques to a path of deepening and refinement of their skills.

It will be an opportunity for Marchesi, to interpret even more the role of teacher, forming cooks who, will be able to teach , leading the kitchen brigade with a sure hand and above all with imagination. Talented cooks and not just creative.

" The kitchen is not an end, it is a means. It is one of the languages to speak to themselves and to the world - says Gualtiero Marchesi - and to reach this dimension, you have to pass from the condition, which is essential, as a performer to the most profound and indefinable as a composer . "

Future chefs composers face a path is divided into successive levels .

The first phase started courses consist of the Monographs of Gualtiero Marchesi for a maximum of eighteen participants, who must pass a selection.